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Race.Fi: Product topic
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Race.Fi: Product topic
We've been posting about our weeklies and recent activities for a while, so here's something different: a topic dedicated to go more in-depth about the actual products in case you're not familiat with all of them.

You'll find about 50000 different products in the shop. Mainly suspension, brakes, clutches and engine parts as that's what we specialize in. In this topic, we'll go more into the products in general, and less on what is happening at a certain time.

[Pilt: web_logo.jpg]

- We ship everything from our warehouse in Finland, and regularily to other EU countries.
- From February 2017 your orders ship at a flat rate 9,90 € to anywhere in Estonia. Orders over 400 € are shipped for free.
- For shipping we use a trackable postal parcel delivered to your door, and you will get the tracking number as well of course.
- If you visit Finland often, we're just 40 km from Helsinki and you can also come by.

- Most customers make a SEPA bank transfer. There are no costs and the payment arrives within one day.
- You can also pay by Paypal and Credit cards in the webshop.
- All credit card transfers are handled by Nets or PayTrail which are reputable companies and ensure safty for both parties.

More about paying, delivery times & costs to EU, and other important information:
»» Race.Fi: Payment, Shipping and taxes

[Pilt: web_team.jpg]

About Race.Fi
Race.Fi is one of the biggest and "oldest" performance webshops in Finland. Established in 2006, we now work as a 4-person company distributing several big brands but not forgetting the smaller brands either. Our company started from a hobby - a Nissan s13 which got a VQ30DE in it:)
For the sake of keeping this topic focused, read the whole story here:
»» Race.Fi: About us

The products, as promised
Lets start this topic with the hottest products to give it a good start. Here are the top-5 products with prices & a glimpse to what it is. More details are on each products page, and we love nothing more than a question in case the site doesn't answer your question.
Standard flat rate shipping is 9,90 €. Orders bigger than 400 € have free shipping.

1. PLX Wideband gauge
[Pilt: plx_dm6-smafr-2.jpg]
The PLX is the stylish plug and play solutions for a wideband. It comes with the newer Bosch 4.9 sensor and can be used to replace the original sensor by outputting narrowband signal to the ECU.
This is stock product, meaning we have tons of these in stock and ship several of them out every day.

Price: 229,00 €
Availability: Stock

»» PLX Wideband gauge

2. D2 coilovers
[Pilt: d2_coilover_rallygravel.jpg]
Offering full adjustability (damping, height, spring preload and camber on McPherson models), these are proven product. In Finland we've sold nearly two thousand kits to the street and track.

Price: from 749,00 €, free shipping.
Availability: Stock or 1-2 weeks for factory models

»» D2 coilovers (All models)
»» D2 coilovers for Mercedes-Benz

3. Race.Fi adjustable fuel pressure regulator
[Pilt: fpr-1_3.jpg]
Simple things are great. This pressure regulator has a gauge and reliable adjustability for any fuel injected car. With over a thousand sold units this is also among the top items.

Price 59,00 €
Availability: Stock

»» Race.Fi adjustable fuel pressure regulator

4. Powerflex polyurethane bushings
[Pilt: powerflex_pfr46-212.jpg]
Powerflex - now these are a product making a real difference. With over 7500 different bushings, there's kit available for almost any car and they all are listed in the shop.
If you're not familiar with polyurethane bushings: they are firmer and longer lasting than stock rubber bushings and make a big difference in how firm the drive feels. Cars with upgraded suspension usually benefit even more as stiffer suspension screams for stiffer bushes.

Price: Average 59,00 €/set
Availability: Stock or 1-3 days for on order models

»» Powerflex polyurethane bushings (All models)
»» Powerflex polyurethane bushings for Mercedes-Benz

5. Quaife ATB differentials
[Pilt: quaife_lsd.jpg]
Quaife is the most popular street limited slip diff, and for good reason: A torsen never completely locks, meaning that while you still get full traction there are no sounds, no hard turns and these even work seamlessly with original traction control systems.
Most usual models are in stock. Installing an lsd is among the best upgrades if you really like driving a bit harder. Rwd cars are more fun and fwd cars stop pulling the steering.

Price: From 709,00 €, free shipping
Availability: Stock or ~1 week

»» Quaife ATB differentials (All models)
»» Quaife ATB differentials for Audi

So go on and take look at the products. If you want to ask then please do so, and if you want it, then get it ;)
We are also very open for suggestions, so in case you think we're missing a product then tell us about it and we'll make it available!

How to order or ask a question?
Each product has a link to the product page, so if you don't have any questions you can just enter in an order.
You you do have questions, please dont hesitate to contact us as we'd love to hear from you. Call, email, come by or send a message from the contact form »» Race.Fi: Contact us.

Race Performance Oy
Välitie 6, 07170 Pornainen, Finland
+358 (0) 20 790 2 790
27-02-2017 03:23 PM
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RE: Race.Fi: Product topic
D2 air suspension kits -100 € 16.6. - 23.6.2017

Low 'n comfy best describes air suspensions, so lets put some more low and comfortable cars on the road with this promo!

[Pilt: promo_20170616_d2_en.jpg]

D2 air suspension kits are made with the same quality parts as D2 coilovers with the expection of replacing the spring with an air bag. All air suspension kits are bolt-on and allow basic height adjustment with the lower mount. McPherson models also have a camber adjustable top mount just like D2 coilovers.

There are four different D2 kits: Basic, Deluxe, Superpro and Gold.

All kits come with complete struts & bags, compressor and tank as well as adjustment panels.

Kit differences are explained on our site more thoroughly, but here you are with the basics:
Basic kits are manually adjustable no-hassle kits.
Deluxen comes with a 2-circuit solenoid adjustment.
Superpron comes with a 4-circuit / 4-wheel independent electronic adjustment.
Goldin comes with automatic leveling.

All kits are shipped free of charge to most of EU and you can pay by paypal, credit cards and SEPA bank transfers.

Comfy isnt expensive anymore, check out the kits here
»» D2 air suspension kits

In midsummer next friday 23.6.2017 we are closed.

Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Riku

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16-06-2017 03:09 PM
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RE: Race.Fi: Product topic
Midsummer eve's weekie!

There's no point in braking midsummer eve parties, instead braking a car properly is very important :)

[Pilt: promo_20170622_d2_en.jpg]

We've been doing a lot of field testing with the D2 big brake kits in our own cars. The kits, bolted to our S13 for nearly 10 years, still run the original pads and discs, while the car has seen some street driving as well as some track days. More serious track would naturally need harder track pads, but for all-round street the stock setup is great.
There's been no need for opening or cleaning the calipers, allthough the need for it also depends on the driving conditions, and doesnt really hurt to do anyways. Having clean calipers ensures pad and disc wear is even.

[Pilt: 20170622-d2-news-2.jpg]

The handbrake works on most models. Cars with an oe drum parking brake (like the S13), simply come with a drum in the aluminum center bell. An aluminum bell is fine for parking, but in case you like pulling the hand brake from high speeds, then we suggest you get a hydraulic handbrake.
D2 kits also have caliper handbrake models, and also a new caliper with an electronic hand brake (try "pulling" an EPB in the parking lot :D)

[Pilt: 20170622-d2-news-1.jpg]

The smartest choices for most cars are the 330 and 356mm kits. Based on our experience, a 330 mm kit is the suggestion, as it still fits 17" rims, which in turn means tire options are very wide and practical.

D2 big brake kits are on sale with a 100€ discount (per kit) until next week's friday. In case you're wondering about what kit to get, or need other help or advice, just contact our sales and we'll be happy to help.
»» D2 front big brake kits
»» D2 rear big brake kits

We're closed on friday

Yes, we're just simple Finnish guys as well, so we're going to celebrate midsummer eve just like the rest of Finland. We'll be back in business on moday "well rested" ;)

Have a good weekend & midsummer party! Race.Fi / Wille

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22-06-2017 05:23 PM
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RE: Race.Fi: Product topic
Weekie: PLX, Vems and Innovate widebands -10 €

Our widebands are now on -10 € discount for one week!

[Pilt: promo_20170630_wbo_en.jpg]

We have three wideband brands in our range - Innovate, Vems and PLX. These three sell high quality widebands for engines. A wideband is also a very cheap insurance for you engine.

The Vems wideband is a great and cheap choice when you alsoneed an EGT sensor. Innovate is a great choice when you just want a wideband with a traditional and fine look. The innovate DLG-1 is the dual wideband version which supports two sensors on one gauge.
Finally, the PLX is the state of the art kit with a modern touch screen and the ability to add extra sensors like boost and egt.

Widebands in our webshop:
»» Vems widebands
»» PLX DM6 wideband
»» Innovate MTX-L wideband
»» Innovate DLG-1 dual wideband


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30-06-2017 03:25 PM
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RE: Race.Fi: Product topic
Weekie: Magnaflow 2.5" and 3" catalysts -10%

Let's put Magnaflows most popular catalyzers in our weekly offer -10%!

[Pilt: promo_20170707_magnaflow_en.jpg]

Magnaflow free flowing catalysts are for all serious exhaust upgrades. We recently got a nice pile of Magnaflow 2.5" and 3" catalysts in our stock because these are the most popular models in our range.

This racing catalyzer will pass emission measurements easily. You can also find everything you need to mount these, for example exhaust flanges, V-band clamps, U-bolt clamps and exhaust gaskets.

Catalyzers and other exhaust parts in our webshop:
»» Magnaflow catalyst
»» Exhaust flanges
»» V-Band clamps
»» U-bolt clamps
»» Exhaust gaskets


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07-07-2017 03:20 PM
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RE: Race.Fi: Product topic
Weekie on Brisk and NGK -10 %

Even the latest summer cars should now be on the road, and in case testing reveals sputtering, here's some medicine to cure problems at least as far as plugs are concerned.

[Pilt: promo_20170714_plugs_en.jpg]

On the traditional weekie are Brisk and NGS plugs. All plugs are also plentiful in our own stock. The product descriptions offer more details than this topic including a cross reference chart of heat ratings.

NGK plugs are often told to be the one and only working plug especially in some turbocharged jap models. Why not, they're good plugs =)

From Brisk there are several models which are listed in the shop:
DS / Turbo -models: Especially for E85 and high boost pressure builds where no other plugs simply work.
LGS quad tip models: For cars with direct ignition plugs. Produces a good and long spark so these are also the most economical version.
Iridium -models: A traditional Iridium plug which can handle high temperatures are pressures. Easier on the coils and also suitable for mild E85 builds.
Silver: Competition engines and for hard to ignite fuels.
VAG -models have their own plug range.

[Pilt: cat_l4_brisk_cat.jpg]
»» Brisk Iridium plugs
»» Brisk LGS quad tip plugs
»» Brisk Silver plugs
»» Brisk DS plugs
»» Brisk VAG plugs

[Pilt: cat_l4_ngk_cat.jpg]
»» NGK Iridium plugs 6 - 9 heat range

Have a great weekend! Race.Fi / Wille

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14-07-2017 02:51 PM
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